Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bug Buffet

Let's face it, my car, The Turtle, is just DIRTY! I could see that it was covered in a layer of dust and pollen, but I didn't realize how gross my car was until I saw some birds perched on the hood and realized that they did not want to leave their bug buffet. I was walking up to my car the other day and I saw two birds hanging out on my car. I thought this was interesting because they didn't fly away when I opened the car door and got into the car. And then I thought it was strange that they still didn't fly away after I started the car, put it in reverse and started backing out of the parking space. What really got me was that they stayed there for at least 20 more feet once I started to drive forward. I thought to myself... WOW... What's up with the birds? Fast forward a day later when I happen to walk past the front of my car and it dawned on me.... OH! They were eating.... Eating all the nasty things I kill on my 70 mile round trip drive every day.

For weeks now I've been contemplating washing my car... but I don't see the point... By the end of the day the Turtle is gonna be dirty again and I would have just wasted $10 so that my car could be clean for 15 minutes. Last night was a good example of why I should not wash the car... I'm driving home from Pottery and the bugs are being splat on my windshield like it's raining. Is their a way to prevent this? I have yet to figure it out.... Got any suggestions?

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